Freaky Deaky: Dillon, Fraser and Robinson to star

Thu June 2, 2011 Return to Film News

  • Matt Dillon, Brendan Fraser and Craig Robinson are set to star in "Freaky Deaky", Elmore Leonard's crime novel that Charles Matthau is directing.

  • Dillon will play Chris Mankowski, an LAPD bomb squad officer who stumbles upon a plot by two former hippie activists who plan to use their bomb-making skills to trick an alcoholic movie mogul into handing over millions of dollars.

  • Fraser will play Skip Gibbs, one of the former activists who has parlayed his skills into a career as a Hollywood pyrotechnics artist and demolition expert.

  • Robinson will play the role of Donnell Lewis, a former Black Panther turned capitalist who serves as the assistant of Woody Ricks, a hard-partying Hollywood mogul, which William H. Macy will portray.

Source: Variety
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