The McLean Boys

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The McLean Boys: Sutherland and Gleeson to co-star

  • Donald Sutherland and Brendan Gleeson are set to co-star in "The McLean Boys", the real-life story of Canadian outlaws who nearly incited a native uprising in 1879 British Columbia. Charles Martin Smith is directing.

  • The screenplay has been written by Ian Weir.

  • Sutherland will portray Donald McLean, a fur trader and explorer for the Hudson's Bay Company, father of outlaw and outcast Allan McLean, leader of the notorious McLean gang.

  • Gleeson will play a justice of the peace and friend of Donald McLean leading a posse to capture his sons.

  • Filming is set to take place in locations around Canada, starting in July.

  • The Little Co. is pre-selling the poject at Cannes.

    Fri May 14, 2010 | Source: Variety