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The Dark Tower: Universal cancels development

  • Universal Pictures has decided not to go forward with the development and production of "The Dark Tower" films and TV Series, that were to be directed by Ron Howard and star Javier Bardem.
    The studio had previously considered reducing the budget and postponing the production start, but recently decided to cancel the project entirely.

  • The filmmakers will now seek alternative financing and studio to back the production. Possible contenders could include Warner Bros, where writer-producer Akiva Goldsman's production company is based.

  • It is rumored that Universal would only consider putting up the budget for one film, but the filmmakers could not agree to that.

The Dark Tower: Javier Bardem in talks to join

  • Javier Bardem has been offered the lead role in "The Dark Tower", the adaptation of Stephen King's novel series that Ron Howard will direct.

    The story follows Roland Deschain, the last living member of a knightly order of gunslingers, who exists in a world that has an Old West feel, but which is infused with magic. He is on a quest to find the Dark Tower, a structure that holds the key to the nexus of all universes. He encounters many allies and enemies along the way, as the world crumbles around him.

    Wed January 26, 2011 | Source: Deadline

The Dark Tower: Ron Howard and Akiva Goldsman to develop a film trilogy

  • Imagine Entertainment partners Ron Howard and Brian Grazer and Weed Road's Akiva Goldsman will adapt Stephen King's epic novel series "The Dark Tower" for the big screen.

  • Howard ("A Beautiful Mind") will direct and Goldsman will write the script.

  • Universal is in talks to acquire the rights for the books and may distribute.