Beat the Street

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Release Date: to be announced

Production Companies:
Manhattan Skyline Films

Nicholas M. Garofolo, Lisamarie Costabile, Richard Guerreiro, Abe Stoller, Thomas Payne, Ella Gogel, Dave Gold,

Director: Daniel Cooperbey

Screenwriter: Robert Segarra

Genre: Drama
About the film:
Some people live their lives in the shadows of society, existing in a world where crime soon becomes a way of life. For those individuals, crime is their only salvation in a cruel world that doesn't often recognize hard work and good intentions. Twenty-four year old Tony Diamonte is one of these people. Born in an atmosphere of drugs, crime and hopelessness, he spends a good part of his life trying to make the lawlessness he sees on a daily basis work for him. He drifts through his existence; going from petty thief to low level drug dealer, and spending half of his young life in prison. In a world where his choices seem to be limited to incarceration, crime and death, Tony is walking a fine line.

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