Brood X

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Release Date: to be announced

Previously Announced Release Dates:
October 2005

Production Companies:
Starving Monkey Productions, Massey Productions, Moonlighting Films, Gregg Watt Productions

Status: In Development

Dee Wallace Stone

Director: Gregg Watt

Screenwriter: Nicole Natale

Genre: Creature Feature, Horror
About the film:
In the shadow of Three-Mile Island, the small town of Youngesburgh, Pennsylvania sits peacefully, its citizens living a quiet life. Every year, however, they spice things up with an annual festival to celebrate the emergence of the annual dogday green cicada broods. In 2004, however, the people of Youngesburgh await an extremely rare brood, Brood X. Once seen as a Biblical plague, this brood spends seventeen years underground before it emerges to take flight, lays eggs, and begins the cycle all over again. The Brood X cicada is easily recognized from its black body, its blood red eyes, and the large blood veins on its wings that look like Ws. Unfortunately, the Brood X cicadas that will emerge this year have been burrowing in irradiated soil polluted by leaks from the nearby nuclear power plant. When they emerge, they will leave carnage and devastation in their wake.

Craig and his fiancee, Liza, are passing through Youngesburgh, Craig's hometown, where they visit his stranged uncle Bill and aunt Kim, with whom
Craig feels it's time to make amends. They also run into a documentary film
crew directed by Josh, Liza's ex-boyfriend, who is still in love with her.
Craig and Liza's greatest obstacles are dealing with his close-minded relatives and her ex until Brood X emerges and wreaks havoc on the town.
They all must team together to battle the hideous, mutated, vulture-sized cicadas that are using their victims in which to incubate their eggs, and in the process, find a renewed connection with each other.

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