Mind's Eye

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Release Date: to be announced

Production Companies:
Black Wing Digital

Status: Post-production

Malcolm McDowell, Dean Cain

Director: Mark Steven Grove

Screenwriter: Mark Daniels

Genre: Sci-fi, Thriller
About the film:
Mind's Eye is a psychological thriller, a mind-bending film about Mattie Carver, a young high school musician who finds that space and time are collapsing around her, triggered by the resonant sound of her violin.

Mattie is further confounded by the mysterious appearance of two shadowy men in black, who attempt to instruct her on the shifting nature of her perceptions.

Aided by her high school science teacher, the school psychologist, and her closest friends, Mattie must take a journey through the looking-glass of the mind's eye and unravel the mysteries of perception, memory, and loss. Mattie must find the truth in a constantly morphing reality, before it slips away from her forever.

Project Timeline:
Mar. 28, 2011: Project announced. Writer: Mark Daniels, Cast: Malcolm McDowell, Dean Cain

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