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Released on:
March 25, 2011 (NY)

Lorber Films

Status: Released

Marc Lavoine, Marie-Josee Croze, James Thierree, Mathias Laliberte, Carlo Brandt

Director: Tony Gatlif

Screenwriter: Tony Gatlif

Genre: Drama
About the film:
A Gypsy family travels the French roads during the Second World War, followed by Little Claude, a young boy seeking a new family after his parents "left and never returned". Upon reaching a town where they traditionally stop for a few months and work in vineyards, they learn that a new law forbids them from being nomadic. Theodore, the town's mayor, and Miss Lundi, the schoolteacher, protect and help the Gypsies. Despite this, They are arrested and placed in an internment camp. Theodore manages to rescue them and gives them a piece of property where they must settle. But the Gypsies' deeply ingrained thirst for freedom makes this sedentary lifestyle difficult to bear. After Theodore and Miss Lundi are arrested for resistance, the Gypsies decide they must get back on the move in order to remain free.
Box Office: Opening weekend: $1,224 (1 theater) |
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