The Boondoggle

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Release Date: to be announced

Production Companies:
Roth Films

Status: Pre-production (filming starts Summer 2011)

Tom Lennon, Rob Riggle

Director: Steve Carr

Screenwriter: Tom Lennon, Rob Riggle, Christopher Brian Halvorson

Genre: Comedy
About the film:
The story follows two guys who attend a boondoggle business trip, with everything imaginable going awry.

Project Timeline:
Dec. 3, 2010: Project announced. Writer: Tom Lennon, Rob Riggle, Cast: Tom Lennon, Rob Riggle
Jun. 22, 2011: Director: Steve Carr

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Mehmet – XdbPrxkhpjAWq
March 16, 2012 - 22:13
Subject: MSTgBfWusscuJOXNLv

Tomhankshasagangsterson, You've confused me. From your daitribe, I assume you've read the script and think it's not nearly as good as the people involved. No? You haven't read the script? Really? Well, to get greenlit, it must be pretty good.So what are you saying? Steve Carr can be an important filmmaker if he chose not to have fun and bring people joy? You say that Rob Riggle is crap, and then in the next breath say he's average and mediocre? That just makes no sense. He's not Will Farrell or Jim Carrey (Yes, Two R's just like Farrell and Rob Riggle. So they have that in common!) In any case, Rob Riggle is a damn funny guy. Tom Lennon should be a movie star and should step up to the big leagues? Hello, he rewrote this script and is starring in this movie. That's the big time in my world. It's pretty unreasonable to think he could call up Joe Roth and say, Hey, make my movie! Oh, snap, Joe Roth IS one of the producers. Then you say that Mr Lennon should work with great directors? But didn't you say that Mr Carr has that potential? Clearly, you don't understand what it takes for a movie to get made. Especially one that doesn't have a roman numeral in the title or a comic book as source material.Bottom line, it might not have Jim Carrey and Cindy-Lou Who, it might not have Will Farrell and Sleestaks, but I will watch it when it comes out because I enjoyed Paul Bart: Mall Cop, Reno 911!, and Rob Riggle (Who I think is funny in just about everything.)Thank you.