The Keep

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Release Date: to be announced

CBS Films

Status: In Development

Director: Niels Arden Oplev

Screenwriter: Ehren Kruger
Script: Novel Adaptation

Genre: Fantasy, Horror
About the film:
A story within a story about two cousins with a shared secret who reunite to renovate a legendary haunted medieval castle that turns dreams and nightmares into reality.

Project Timeline:
Oct. 26, 2010: Director: Niels Arden Oplev, Distributor: CBS Films

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    Damian – YuvSuHnuwv
    June 10, 2012 - 22:40
    Subject: BOlRUbrsDSCTw

    OK, points taken. The movie left out MASSIVE parts of the story. I rmeeebmr being curious what folks who hadn't read the book would make of it. And now, I will just jump around a bit Tattoo was (to me at least) a vehicle to introduce you to Lisbeth. The locked room mystery was weak, admittedly, but much more layered in the book as was the criminal case involving Blomkvist which actually in many ways was more interesting than the mystery. Blomkvist, I believe, is supposed to be bland, milquetoastian.The first book was the weakest of the three and I would say the same about the movie but, hey, then you get The Empire Strikes Back, right!!I believe you were also victimized by the overhype it happens. A problem I had with the movie/book/trilogy Mikael/Stieg were both huge advocates against oppression/violence of women, but they both still exploit women as witnessed by Mikael catting around, etc. not a violent exploitation, but nevertheless that left me with a bit of a bitter taste.The cinematography was pretty though.Will Fincher do better, did they need to be redone dunno, but I will see them.