Untitled Acme Corp. Movie

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Release Date: to be announced

Warner Bros

Status: In Development

Screenwriter: Kevin Hageman, Dan Hageman

Genre: Comedy, Animation
About the film:
The story is about the fictional Acme Corp., manufacturer of outlandish products shown in vintage Looney Tunes cartoons.

Project Timeline:
Oct. 25, 2010: Project announced. Writer: Kevin Hageman, Dan Hageman, Distributor: Warner Bros

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Raha – iiTWAnXdDUkXOgwavV
July 18, 2012 - 12:01
Subject: WhVIgPTAAIVZuYfo

The movie was great because Will Smith is a top-notch actor. The ennidg wasn't up to par with the intense drama that was developed throughout the entire length of the movie. I agree with the ennidg being too cookie-cutterish. (Yay i support u WRIXEL)In response to Locksley the trap was made by the zombies, who mimicked will smith's trap in order to lure him near the building where they were camping. However, this was a bit incongruent with the lack of intelligence the zombies were displaying earlier.As far as how the zombies were designed, I thought it would be better if they didnt all look the same. Supposedly it was a virus that causes hairloss, skin reactions, and loss of pigmentation, but I dont understand why they all looked like clones. I personally thought the zombies looked scary. =( Yes i am one of those ppl who jump at everything tho. >.<