Top Gun 2

Movie information

Release Date: to be announced

Production Companies:
Jerry Bruckheimer Films, Skydance Productions

Status: In Development

Tom Cruise

Screenwriter: Justin Marks

Genre: Action, AdventureSequel

Project Timeline:
Oct. 13, 2010: Project announced. Distributor: Paramount, Director: Tony Scott, Writer: Christopher McQuarrie, Cast: Tom Cruise
Sep. 8, 2014: Writer: Justin Marks

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Pranav – avZVIRbGjFpjc
May 02, 2012 - 01:01
Subject: dtHThNUVDKkGlUMwoYZ

To be fair we've been on hiatus rentecly due to a couple of important changes to our crew, as well as sudden deluge of real life hurdles. We won't start casting for a little while yet, till we've finished our preproduction. I want to get some visual effects tests done first as proof of concept and to test the waters.