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Release Date: to be announced

Production Companies:
PoileyWood Entertainment

Status: Awaiting Release Date

Kelen Coleman, Kevin Alejandro, Louise Fletcher

Director: Anthony DiBlasi

Screenwriter: Bruce Wood

Genre: Thriller, Supernatural
About the film:
Set in Cassadaga, Fla., the psychic capital of America, a deaf girl attempts to contact her late sister's spirit during a seance but instead attracts the avenging ghost of a murdered woman.

Project Timeline:
Oct. 6, 2010: Project announced. Director: Anthony DiBlasi, Writer: Bruce Wood, Cast: Kelen Coleman, Kevin Alejandro, Louise Fletcher

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Karinthia – rTQZIgZakPs
January 10, 2012 - 13:05
Subject: bLrcqrTZmMXg

It's awlyas a relief when someone with obvious expertise answers. Thanks!