My Stroke of Insight

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Release Date: to be announced

Production Companies:
Imagine Entertainment
Sony Pictures

Status: In Development

Director: Ron Howard

Screenwriter: Semi Chellas
Script: Memoir Adaptation

Genre: Drama, True Story
About the film:
In late 1996, the 37-year old Taylor suffered a massive stroke caused by a blood vessel that exploded in the left side of her brain. A Harvard trained neuro-anatomist, Taylor's brain function deteriorated in a matter or hours to where she couldn't walk, read or write, or even recall past memories. It took 8 years for her to mend.

Her knowledge of how the brain works gave her the opportunity to experience and write about brain recovery that became at times a mystical experience, as the right half compensated for the damaged left half and infused her with feelings of peace and well-being that she has tried to retain, even after struggling to reclaim her life and standing in the scientific community.

Project Timeline:
Oct. 1, 2010: Project announced. Director: Ron Howard, Writer: Semi Chellas

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Cathy – maine
April 04, 2012 - 16:00
Subject: My Stroke of Insight

In 1996 I suffered a head injury that was basically ignored by the medical community and written off as stress. I now believe that blow to my left brain set of a series of ministrokes. I have spent the last 20 years trying to heal my brain and I can tell you first hand how adaptable the brain really is. I just finished reading My Stroke of Insight and I cried through most of it. It was the most reassuring and enlightening retelling of such an experience that I have ever been priveleged to find. Thank you so much Jill for having the insight to backtrack and tell your story. God Bless!