Cabin Pressure

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Release Date: to be announced

Production Companies:
Walden Media

Status: Pre-production

Director: Derick Martini

Screenwriter: Derick Martini
Script: Memoir Adaptation

Genre: Comedy
About the film:
A man becomes a counselor at the same summer camp he grew up attending.

Project Timeline:
Sep. 22, 2010: Project announced. Director: Derick Martini, Writer: Derick Martini (rewrite)

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    Martyn – LhZCeXPdJsSwKs
    March 17, 2012 - 03:22
    Subject: ptCafUmYnRQb

    Interesting tactics by the union, but ones that will slaomt inevitably lead to more cabin crew who adopt them being disciplined or dismissed.Let's take the idea of cancelling a strike at the last minute. To be really effective, the union needs to be able to issue the cancellation notice a matter of hours before it is due to commence. Now, quite how they intend all their members to be notified that the action has been called off is unclear. It is slaomt inevitable that a percentage of them will not get the message and hence not turn up for work however, that would constitute wildcat action, which is illegal and is invariably rewarded with summary dismissal. From a cabin crew member perspective, given the aforementioned risk it would pay to report for work regardless of any strike call. So the strike call is totally ineffective. The other angle on this is that BA would only need to stand down volunteers. That means that these people revert back to their day job. So no additional' cost involved. The only area where there might be costs is if BA has wet leased aircraft from other carriers. The idea of a work to rule' is equally fraught. The dilemma facing cabin crew is in divining exactly what constitutes contractual obligation. Areas like customer service are notoriously tricky. Handing out meals is clearly part and parcel of the deal, but what about assisting passengers ? At what point does it break down. How do the union propose to ensure that the response is uniform ? The whole deal runs the risk of individual cabin crew members being reprimanded/disciplined if the fall foul of it. I'm sure the union are not intent on getting more members dismissed, but these tactics seem to be driving them in that direction