Bugs Bunny

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Release Date: to be announced

Warner Bros

Status: In Development

Screenwriter: David Berenbaum

Genre: Comedy

Project Timeline:
Aug. 12, 2010: Project announced. Writer: David Berenbaum, Distributor: Warner Bros

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Vuk – JnOYXUlPymwcJYG
March 17, 2012 - 08:57
Subject: CtKwhIIXVHpPBjYWJ

If this going to be fair and balanced I'm going to have to sumibt some pithy comments. I would like to opine that the Car Wash story was indeed a good idea! So was the idea of having a Crocidile Hunta! And then with DrThom doing the Robot at the end too. RistPeblo must have been gettin' pretty frustrated with DrThom. You were trying to get him put his head at the right angle, but it wasn't happening. Sympathy.-SDfrom America