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Release Date: to be announced

Production Companies:
Rough House Pictures
Mandate Pictures

Status: Pre-production

Danny McBride

Screenwriter: Andrew Mogel, Jarrad Paul

Genre: Comedy
About the film:
Two brothers finally get a comeuppance after bullying people their whole lives.

Project Timeline:
Jun. 16, 2010: Project announced. Writer: Andrew Mogel, Jarrad Paul, Cast: Danny McBride, Distributor: Mandate Pictures

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Hiljhon – EvobwALmSAQBezPluMd
March 19, 2012 - 00:51
Subject: wScWMuWOIN

not to play debbie dewonr, but once again McBride has aligned himself with a film that in no way is inherently commercial. You can play an asshole only so many times in your life.