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Rated PG-13: Parents Strongly Cautioned (Some Material May Be Inappropriate for Children Under 13) -- Rated PG-13 for brief strong language.

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Release Date: to be announced

Production Companies:
Zentropa Spain

Status: Awaiting Release Date

Fionnula Flanagan, Stephen Rea, Claudia Bassols, Togo Igawa, Jan Cornet, Timothy Gibbs, Vicenta N'Dongo, Jose Mantero, Molly Malcolm

Director: Roger Gual

Screenwriter: Gual Gonzalez, Javier Calvo

Genre: Romance, Comedy
About the film:
A divorced couple still meet at their favorite restaurant, the best in the world, including on the night of its closure, when the restaurant's chef will have the challenge to create the best dinner of his life.
Rated PG-13 for brief strong language.

Project Timeline:
May 14, 2010: Project announced. Director: Roger Gual, Writer: Gual Gonzalez, Silvia Gonzalez

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