Eastern Promises 2

Movie information

Release Date: to be announced

Focus Features

Status: Pre-production (filming starts in Winter)

Viggo Mortensen

Director: David Cronenberg

Screenwriter: Steve Knight

Genre: Thriller, DramaSequel

Project Timeline:
Mar. 26, 2010: Director: David Cronenberg, Writer: Steve Knight, Cast: Viggo Mortensen

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Anderson – ANdIIYDwXJM
June 11, 2012 - 02:00
Subject: utvvNrWySGXba

I absolutely agree with you on that one! I heard so many wdnoerful things about that movie that a friend and I decided to go see it in spite of my initial reluctance (I don't really like violent movies). My friend and I both hated this movie and everything about it. I'm glad to see we were not the only ones...About the new Crash, I don't think it's the most wdnoerful movie in the world but I did like it (more the second time than the first time). It's well done and the plot is very smart and even funny, at times. And it's a very relevant topic today, too.