The Last Train from Hiroshima

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Release Date: to be announced

Status: In Development

Director: James Cameron (?)
Script: Book Adaptation

Genre: Drama, War, True Story
About the film:
The story takes place over two days and weaves together eyewitness accounts of the Japanese civilians and American pilots who experienced the atomic explosions firsthand.

Project Timeline:
Jan. 7, 2010: Project announced. Director: James Cameron to potentially direct

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    eber hart – new york
    December 31, 2010 - 22:53
    Subject: Hollywood

    Cameron, fresh off decades of lucrative, soft porn NWO agenda pre-programming
    seems to be looking for some easy moral relief in the form of resurrecting the genuine
    WARTIME, long gone, Hiroshima.

    George Orwell must be pewking in his grave, ESP as just this year BOTH the
    20th ANniversary of the Tiennamen Massacre AND the staggeringly important
    60th Anniversary of the KOREAN WAR were, again, 'mysteriously overlooked'
    ---even as MILLIONS upon MILLIONS are suffering...