Jack the Reaper

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Release Date: to be announced

Production Companies:
Kilo Entertainment

Status: Awaiting Release Date

This film was Previously Known As:
"One by One"

Douglas Tait, Tony Todd, Sally Kirkland, Alexandra Holder, Amber Zion, Hope James, Grace Jiyoung Park, Jay Gillespie, Richardson Chery, Andrew Olson, Tyler Wolfe, Jemal David, Christopher Raff

Director: Kimberly Seilhamer

Screenwriter: Kimberly Seilhamer

Genre: Horror, Teen
About the film:
When a bus carrying a group of teens crashes on a deserted highway, Railroad Jack the Reaper and his carnival of destruction called Death's Door pick them off one by one.

Project Timeline:
Nov. 18, 2009: Project announced. Director: Kimberly Seilhamer, Writer: Kimberly Seilhamer, Cast: Douglas Tait, Tony Todd, Sally Kirkland

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