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Live Large. Rated PG: Parental Guidance Suggested (Some Material May Not Be Suitable for Children) -- Rated PG for some rude humor and language.
Released on:
June 4, 2010  

Production Companies:
Davis Entertainment, New Regency Productions
20th Century Fox

Status: Released

Judy Greer, Lee Pace, William H. Macy
Feat. Voices of:
Owen Wilson, Fergie, Emma Stone, George Lopez, Christopher Mintz-Plasse, Steve Coogan, Damon Wayans, Marlon Wayans, Kiefer Sutherland

Director: Tom Dey

Screenwriter: Tim Rasmussen, Vince Di Meglio

Genre: Family, Comedy, Animals
About the film:
The Winslows move from Kansas to Orange County with their dog Marmaduke, a slobbery pooch who creates chaos wherever he goes.
Rated PG for some rude humor and language.

Project Timeline:
Nov. 2, 2009: Cast: Owen Wilson (voice)
Box Office: Opening weekend: $11.6 mil. (3213 theaters) | Domestic Total: $33.64 mil.
Critics Say:
Chicago Tribune:
NY Daily News:
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May 02, 2012 - 00:19
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