Highland Park

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Release Date: to be announced

Production Companies:
The Bureau of Moving Pictures

Status: Awaiting Release Date

Danny Glover, Parker Posey, Rockmond Dunbar, Eric Ladin, Deborah Ann Woll, Blake Clark, Haaz Sleiman, Billy Burke, Michelle Forbes, Bob Gunton

Director: Andrew Meieran

Screenwriter: Andrew Meieran, Christopher Keyser

Genre: Comedy, Drama
About the film:
In a struggling community, a teacher wins the lottery and uses the largesse to restore the local library and energize the community in the process.

Project Timeline:
Sep. 14, 2009: Cast: Danny Glover
Oct. 8, 2009: Cast: Parker Posey
Oct. 12, 2009: Cast: Billy Burke, Michelle Forbes, Bob Gunton

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