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Release Date: to be announced

Production Companies:
A Bigger Boat, GreeneStreet Films, Sidney Kimmel Entertainment, Sparkler Entertainment

Status: Pre-production (filming starts Summer 2011)

This film was Previously Known As:
"Mourning After"

Director: Paul Verhoeven

Screenwriter: David Loughery, Richard D'Ovidio

Genre: Thriller, Supernatural
About the film:
A married recovering alcoholic helps a woman threatening to jump off the Golden Gate Bridge and ends up having an affair with her. When he gets home, he's confronted by his wife and a private investigator, with photos spread across a table but the photos that should have shown him with his mistress instead show him alone, drinking alcohol. He initially questions his own sanity, but progressively figures out that this temptress is a ghost who is after his soul.

Project Timeline:
Sep. 10, 2009: Project announced. Writer: David Loughery
Oct. 14, 2010: Director: Paul Verhoeven, Writer: Richard D'Ovidio (rewrite)

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