Above Suspicion

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Release Date: to be announced

Production Companies:
Bold Films

Status: In Development (filming starts Fall 2009)

Director: Phillip Noyce

Screenwriter: Chris Gerolmo
Script: Novel Adaptation

Genre: Crime, Thriller
About the film:
FBI agent Mark Putnam is convicted for murder after an affair with an informer that threatened to destroy his career and marriage.

Project Timeline:
Nov. 9, 2008: Project announced. Director: Phillip Noyce, Writer: Chris Gerolmo

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    TgTiery – Lexington
    June 01, 2012 - 20:23

    Who told you that Susan Smith had two missing teeth? The body was not found for a year, and had been mutilated by animals -- so that would not have been something anyone could know, at as attributable to trauma.

    Melissa Foster – Paintsville,East Kentucky
    November 28, 2009 - 20:41
    Subject: Above Suspicion

    Just today, November 28,2009 I finished reading the book Above Suspicion by Joe Sharkey. My mother had given it to me over the Thanksgiving Hoilday to read during the long cold raining weekend. When I startied reading it there was no way I could put it down. Wow what a story! My family and I have lived in Eastern Kentucky most all my 40 years of life. Susan Smith was murdered when I was about 18years old. Looking back I remember the story of the missing woman and her families unending search for their loved one and the reports of KSP finding her remains. Also the shocking details given in media and news reports of the murder. However, the book Above Suspicion gives much more details and better insight and understanding of what happened, but as a reader every time I startied feeling compassion for Mark I had to keep reminding myself, " This is only one side of the story because dead people can not talk, now can they!" And I could not help but h but wonder if the writer had made a deal with Mark Putnam himself or with his family to profit from the book, it seems like it is all one sided and left out a few facts. Like Susan had two missing teeth, sujesting Mark did more than just chock her to death. And while reading it myself I cought something. Mark told his wife it took less than 60 seconds to kill Susan, but at the end of the book Mark stated, " If I could take back those two minutes in that car..." Now was it 60 seconds or two minutes? He is still lying in my book. And Joe Sharkey portrays Eastern Kentucky as If we are all inbreed Hillbilly's....wearing a housedress with boots, I've NEVER seen that, not EVER! And I've never seen alot of other things Sharkey states in the book about the people who live here. The Mountains are a beauty to behold and the people here are some of the finest people in this counrty. But like every where else in the country, their are bad apples in every bunch. Look at the facts, we have less crime than any city in the USA and Susan Smith's teeth are still missing.....ask Mark were they are at in your next book called, "The Truth".