V.I.L.A.: the Chronicles - Marble

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Release Date: to be announced

Production Companies:
Airfilms Productions

Status: Pre-production (filming starts January 2009)

David Sepulveda, Jon Lee Brody, Victoria Masina, Steve James, Tareek Lee Holmes, Anabella Ricardo

Director: Michael Schroeder

Screenwriter: Anabella Ricardo, Jay Wolf

Genre: Action, Adventure
About the film:
L.A. is no longer the City of Angels. It is the City of Despair.
For the past few years the people of L.A. live in fear of the abnormal.

Marble, our heroine, has been fighting evil with her long time companions, the Tjegi, a Slayer and 2 Humans. They have been traveling together all the way from Central Asia through Europe, following Martin, the Impostor Vampire King.
Disappearances and illness (anemia) have grown to an alarming number. Some die within days. Some walk the street of L.A. like zombies.

During the day humans live in constant fear. Businesses are abandoned. Many think it is a government conspiracy and protest against the government. Others know what they have seen, and go into hiding. Evil has taken over the streets of L.A.

Vampires own the Boulevard and at night, theyrule. Vampires and Demons fight each other for territory and blood. But today was not a usual slaying. Marble has encounters someone that will change her life. All the writings from her ancestors journal will crumble at her feet. She will face the truth about the past and the truth of what she really is a Vampire/Slayer/Tjegi.

The mother she thought was dead, the twin brother she never knew. The purpose of their existence for almost 700 years. And most of all the Essence of the Two Tjegi placed in our world to save Human from Evil.

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    Anabella Ricardo – Los angeles
    May 06, 2009 - 03:24
    Subject: Change of Director

    Please replace LOLA WALLACE, Director and take off MICHAEL SCHROEDER as Director.

    Anabella Ricardo
    creater/writer of V.I.L.A.