Water & Power

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Release Date: to be announced

Production Companies:
Roberts/David Films

Status: Post-production

Enrique Murciano, Nicholas Gonzalez, Clancy Brown, Jacob Vargas, Emilio Rivera, Tawny Amber Young, Yvette Yates, Paul Renteria, Angela Nordeng, Yadi Valerio Rivera, Mario Orozco, Rafael Agustin

Director: Richard Montoya

Screenwriter: Richard Montoya

Genre: Drama
About the film:
Brothers, raised in the barrio, are both elemental forces, dependent upon one another for their existence since their earliest memories. Gabriel Garcia, aka Power, is a cop who routinely fights "monsters" - and may have become one himself. Gilbert Garcia, aka Water, his younger brother, is a lawyer and a powerful state senator who has also made compromises in the scramble for power. When Power steps over the line and kills a man, Water tries to save his brother from his seemingly unavoidable fate. But both brothers have been played as pawns by the masterful Fixer, whose end game is a complicated scheme to grab the land along the L.A. river that Water was trying to make a green zone.

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