Flights of Fancy

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Release Date: to be announced

Status: Pre-production

Paula Garces, Laura Ceron, Adrian Alonso, Eddy Martin, Yareli Arizmendi

Director: Daniel Eduvijes Carrera

Screenwriter: Diana Lesmez

Genre: Bio, Drama
About the film:
The film is based on the real life story of Dr. Ricardo E. Saca (Lalo), who has led a remarkable rags-to-riches/American Dream kind of life. Ever since he is a little boy living in El Salvador, Lalo is certain of one thing: he will grow up to become a kind of powerful wizard: a doctor. His journey takes him down a path riddled with many dramatic and at times even funny, profoundly life-altering experiences, including illegally immigrating to the U.S. on his own as a teenager. Despite not speaking a word of English, Lalo simultaneously works several jobs to support his family back in El Salvador and still manages to learn English, go to college, and graduate from medical school only 11 years after arriving in the U.S. However, as he settles in his adoptive country, Lalo finds that while the American Dream is very much alive for him, there is a cost to pay in personal sacrifices, in order to achieve it. Nonetheless, his financial support throughout the years helps cover his younger brother's tuition back in his home country, who goes onto achieve his own Salvadoran dream. Elí's Antonio ("Tony") Saca becomes a highly popular TV and radio sports announcer, builds a media empire, and is eventually elected President of El Salvador; he is, in fact, currently still in office.

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