The Coachman's Daughter

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Release Date: to be announced

Production Companies:
Intelligent Entertainment

Status: Pre-production (filming starts October 2008)

Anna Faris (?)

Director: Michael Borden

Screenwriter: Michael Borden

Genre: Romance, Comedy
About the film:
Tyler is a New York secretary - unlucky in love - who makes her living as a typist for Alana Van Broughton, an overblown romance novelist of the Barbara Cartland variety. One night, Tyler is struck by lightning and awakes trapped inside their unfinished Victorian, bodice-ripping romance novel of England 1841. To get back to reality, Tyler sets out to finish the novel. She pushes the characters toward their romantic fates. Like a bull in a china shop, she screws it up. In her path stands Lowbourne, the brooding coachman (secretly the heir to the Estate), who first disdains, then falls in love with the pesky American. Then Mirella, an English rose who believes Tyler to be her long-lost sister. Then, Tyler locks horns with the Duchess Of Ramsbotham, (double–cast as Alana) and with the seemingly wealthy Viscount St. John, who has vengeful plans of his own. Forcing the story to its climax, Tyler transforms, losing her cynicism. In the end, Tyler surrenders to what she thought she would never find nor deserve -- true love.

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