In My Pocket

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Release Date: to be announced

Production Companies:
Linear Pictures, Burnside Entertainment

Status: Awaiting Release Date

Gregory Smith, Zack Ward, Nana Visitor, Kaylee DeFer

Director: David Lisle Johnson

Screenwriter: David Lisle Johnson, Joseph Ferrugio

Genre: Drama
About the film:
Los Angeles is a far cry different from the way they make it sound. The city will swallow you in a breath, if you let it. In a place where nothing is on the 'unavailable' list, the choices you make in life can have immediate impacts. The wrong path is slick and unforgiving and sometimes you only get one chance to turn around and take that other path. Stephen Jameson's had his life planned out for him for quite some time. College, medschool and then to become a rich and successful surgeon. Problem is, he's gone down that wrong path. Drugs have steadily taken over his life, he can't stay sober and is now faced with telling his parents he's about to fail out of school. Rob Vills is a true 'Rock Star' in every sense of the word. His band Evil Twin is about to go on tour to promote their latest album, but they've replaced him with a new guitarist. Seems Rob can't stay sober long enough to even show up to rehearsals, let alone a nationwide tour. The decisions which they both make over the course of the night, land them both in Second Chances Rehabilitation Center, one of them almost losing his life. 'In My Pocket' takes you on a journey into two very different peoples lives who walk a path which is not so different from each other. Will Stephen and Rob find the right path, or will they get lost in the twist and turns of life's many roads.

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Michael – belo horizonte
January 03, 2011 - 10:27
Subject: Aonde encontro o filme

Ola, gostaria de saber, si possivel me responda pelo email que deixei ai; Aonde posso encontrar este filme com legendado/ou dublado para baixar. ou ate mesmo para assistir;
Desde jŠ, obrigado

christian mendelsohn – monterey,ca
October 26, 2009 - 00:23
Subject: This movie will make it Sundance

And you will deserve it wholly.
--'Peace' dude....