I Served the King of England

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Rated R: Restricted (Under 17 Requires Accompanying Parent or Adult Guardian) -- Rated R for sexual content and nudity.
Released on:
August 29, 2008 (NY, LA, San Francisco)

Previously Announced Release Dates:
August 22, 2008

Sony Classics

Status: Released

This film is Also Known As:
"Obsluhoval som anglickeho krala"

Ivan Barnev, Oldrich Kaiser, Julia Jentsch, Martin Huba, Marian Labuda, Milan Lasica, Josef Abrham, Jiri Labus

Director: Jiri Menzel

Screenwriter: Jiri Menzel
Script: Novel Adaptation

Genre: Comedy, Romance
About the film:
Jan Dít? (Ivan Barnev) is short in height, but high in ambition. To put it bluntly, the young provincial waiter wants to become a millionaire. And he knows just how to do it: by hearing everything, seeing everything, and creating opportunities at every turn. Armed with this knowledge and an irrepressible wish to please, he soon leaves his first place of employment, a pub, for a luxury brothel and, finally moving onto an elegant Art Nouveau Prague restaurant. But by the late 1930s, things are changing: Hitler has taken the Sudetenland region and is breaking apart Czechoslovakia. Jan falls in love with Líza (Julia Jentsch), a Sudeten German proud of her Aryan blood. They marry, and soon after Líza is sent to serve on the Polish front, while Jan remains behind to serve as a nurse in a Nazi SS Research Hospital, but when she returns, she has a fortune in rare stamps that Jews had ‘left behind’ ... After Líza’s less than heroic death, Jan sells the stamps and becomes ... a millionaire. But he only has three years to enjoy his fortune: the new Communist regime puts him behind bars for 15 years, one for each of his millions... Upon his release from jail, Jan is sent to live in a decrepit border town. Here Jan reflects on the events that have shaped his life – and to reflect on what might have happened if he had played a different role in these events.
Rated R for sexual content and nudity.
Box Office: Opening weekend: $53,218 (8 theaters) | Domestic Total: $617,403
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