An Invisible Sign

Movie information

Count on the unexpected.
Released on:
May 6, 2011 (limited)
VOD Release Date: April 1, 2011

Production Companies:
Silverwood Films
IFC Films

This film was Previously Known As:
"An Invisible Sign of my Own"

Jessica Alba, Chris Messina, John Shea, J.K. Simmons

Director: Marilyn Agrelo

Screenwriter: Michael Ellis, Pam Falk
Script: Novel Adaptation

Genre: Comedy, Drama
About the film:
Mona Gray, a math whiz has elected to systematically withdraw from life after a mysterious illness leaves her dad all but a shell of his former self. When she gets a job as the math teacher at an elementary school, she discovers she has an unorthodox talent for teaching and finds herself thrust back into life again, with children to care for, a man to love, and a reason to live.

Project Timeline:
Mar. 2, 2011: Distributor: IFC Films
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