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Release Date: to be announced

Previously Announced Release Dates:
Summer 2009

Production Companies:
Appian Way Productions, Legendary Pictures, Mad Chance
Warner Bros

Status: In Development

Garrett Hedlund (?)

Director: Jaume Collet-Serra

Screenwriter: Gary Whitta, Steve Kloves
Script: Comic Book Adaptation

Genre: ActionRemake
About the film:
Set in a neon-lit futuristic post-nuclear war "New Manhattan" in 2019, a teen biker gang member is subjected to a government experiment which unleashes his latent powers. The gang's leader must find a way to stop the ensuing swathe of destruction.

Project Timeline:
May 6, 2011: Cast: Keanu Reeves (in talks)
May 17, 2011: Cast: Keanu Reeves drops out
May 26, 2011: Director: Albert Hughes drops out
Jul. 14, 2011: Director: Jaume Collet-Serra, Cast: Garrett Hedlund (frontrunner)

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patrick heral – france
April 20, 2011 - 13:08

Leo, I'm one of your huge fan I love most of your movies but please do me a favor, stop ruining this manga! This story is going to lose his gist, do you know what Akira talks about? It talks about the trauma that japanese society had after WW2, after YOU americans dropped them little boy on Hiroshima. What the f.... is "neo-manhanttan" ? There is no point with that! So if you respect this master peace of Mr. Otomo, I am begging you, please stop it.

frogg – spain
March 18, 2011 - 22:51
Subject: akira

please don't touch this

Aitor – Woodridge, IL
January 10, 2011 - 00:50
Subject: Preserve the AKIRA storyline

AKIRA, the animated film, happens to be one the best films in history. The manga series is a fantastic piece of work. The minute I read that the story is taking place in "Neo Manhattan", I couldn't help but feel that this movie is going to turn out to be another Dragonball: Evolution. Do not make the same mistake. Keep the story pure. If you change the setting and the characters, the fans will be disgusted and I will have to petition a protest against the production of this movie. We can not let directors and producers freely butcher storylines no longer. Listen to your fans. We know what we want to watch. Stop trying to appease to the public that have not heard of such a great piece of work, but rather work towards making the fans appreciate a work that is being done to honor the story that many of us have come to look to for inspiration and enjoyment.

January 06, 2009 - 23:12
Subject: Akira

hi does any one know if this is the second part to akira or is it just a remake of the original Akira made in 1988

Reply to chris
November 12, 2010 - 10:45
Subject: Re: Akira

I don't wanna know! I thought you guys forgot about it for a while!?! Just don't remake the UNremakable!!