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Release Date: to be announced

Warner Bros

Status: In Development

Director: James Mangold
Script: Graphic Novel Adaptation

Genre: Sci-fi, Action
About the film:
Set in the near future, mercenary soldiers wear Cyclops-like cameras in their helmets and broadcast in real time to both central command and living rooms. One mercenary chosen to lead an elite squad begins to realize he isn't fighting for freedom and justice as much as for commerce.

Project Timeline:
Mar. 18, 2008: Project announced. Director: James Mangold to direct.

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Peter – kHWLvqhmOWjxBg
July 17, 2012 - 21:27
Subject: vbvSqFfVKsubMVWyA

I watched this seires as a teenager in the '60s and count myself a fan, though not sufficiently ardent to be a trekkie. I have always thought humor was one of its strongest elements and was delighted to see that same sensibility in the new film. It was excessive seriousness that sank the follow-up seires for many of us. I would differ with you and say that the characters took their jobs/mission seriously but themselves not so much. Think of Harcourt Mudd, the tribbles, or Spocko just for starters. This film got the mixture of humor and action just right in this fan's opinion.