In Search of Mozart

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Released on:
July 20, 2007 (NY)

Production Companies:
Seventh Art Productions
Direct Cinema Limited

Director: Phil Grabsky

Genre: Documentary, Music
About the film:
An engaging biographical portrait and a master class in Mozart's collected works, In Search of Mozart traces the composer's life through his music and extensive personal correspondence, with performances by the greatest musicians of our time and commentary by some of the world's most renowned musical scholars.

From K1a to K626 (Requiem), over 80 works are featured in chronological order, revealing striking parallels between the music and Mozart's own experiences. Though the music takes center stage, his letters reveal an extraordinary personal voice, which rings out on an human level, full of joy, passion, pain, rage, jokes, bawdy humor and great sensitivity. In Search of Mozart also features insightful commentary from musicologists and experts such as Jonathan Miller, Cliff Eisen, Nicholas Till, Bayan Northcott and the late Stanley Sadie, creating a vivid impression of the composer that dispels many common myths about Mozart's genius, health, relationships, death and character, giving audiences a fresher, more historically accurate image than the one many film audiences remember from Milos Forman's fictional Amadeus.

In Search of Mozart captures the physicality, energy, vigour, passion and beauty of the musician's artistry as well as establishing a fascinating historical context for the man many believe to be the greatest composer of all time. Hailed by Mozartian scholars as the definitive film for Mozart Year 2006, In Search of Mozart will serve as one of our best references for years to come.
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