The Genius Club

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Rated PG: Parental Guidance Suggested (Some Material May Not Be Suitable for Children) -- Rated PG for thematic elements and some disturbing content.

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Released on:
October 27, 2006 (limited)

RiverRain Productions

Carol Abney, Stephen Baldwin, Jacob Bonnema, Tricia Helfer, Matt Medrano, Philip Moon, Paula Jai Parker, Huntley Ritter, Jack Scalia, Tom Sizemore, Delaine Yates, Arch Bonnema, Jack Guzman, Evan Grayson, Rachel Wittman

Director: Tim Chey

Screenwriter: Tim Chey

Genre: Thriller, Drama
About the film:
Seven geniuses, with IQs over 200, are plucked from their lives on Christmas Eve to try to solve the world’s problems in one night. If they fail, the world will come to an end. The group attempt to solve world hunger, war, cancer, terrorism, rush hour traffic, jerks, and finally the meaning of life. By morning, the group finds redemption in themselves and quite possibly the world.
Rated PG for thematic elements and some disturbing content.
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