Deadly Exchange

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Release Date: to be announced

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Production Companies:
Film Bridge International

Status: In Development

Director: John McTiernan

Screenwriter: Ian Rabin, Ronald Shusett

Genre: Action
About the film:
Duke is a 20 years old, highly trained and Anglo-looking terrorist. Smuggled into the United States, Duke poses as a British exchange student while making preparations for his mission? one of death and destruction on a large scale. Homeland Security Agent Arthur Griffin, who is assigned to locate Duke, is the same agent who killed Duke's parents, also terrorists, nine years earlier as they attempted an attack on an American airport. Duke, looking for revenge for his parents' death, enters into a romantic affair with Griffin's daughter Jenny. What he doesn't expect, is to develop real feelings for Jenny. Griffin discovers Duke's identity. Not only must he stop Duke's plan before he kills hundreds of people but now his own daughter's life is in danger. On the run, Duke takes Jenny as a hostage. When he is given the order to kill her, he is torn between his oath of revenge and his growing love for Jenny.

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