Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer

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Rated PG: Parental Guidance Suggested (Some Material May Not Be Suitable for Children) -- Rated PG for sequences of action violence, some mild language and innuendo.
Released on:
June 15, 2007  

Previously Announced Release Dates:
July 4, 2007

Production Companies:
Marvel, 1492 Pictures, Constantin Film
20th Century Fox

Status: Released

This film was Previously Known As:
"Fantastic Four and the Silver Surfer"

This film is Also Known As:
"Fantastic Four 2"

Michael Chiklis, Ioan Gruffudd, Chris Evans, Jessica Alba, Andre Braugher, Beau Garrett, Julian McMahon, Vanessa Minnillo

Director: Tim Story

Screenwriter: Don Payne, Mark Frost

Genre: Action, Sci-fi, Superhero, ComedyFranchise
About the film:
The Fantastic Four meet their greatest challenge yet in FANTASTIC FOUR: RISE OF THE SILVER SURFER, as the enigmatic, intergalactic herald, The Silver Surfer comes to Earth to prepare it for destruction. As he races around the globe wreaking havoc, Reed, Sue, Johnny and Ben must unravel the mystery before all hope is lost. Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer is the second installment of the live-action film series based on what fans around the globe known as "The World's Greatest Comic Magazine."

The Silver Surfer joins the returning family of superheroes from the Marvel Comic's universe, including Ioan Gruffudd as Reed Richards, who can stretch and contort his body into any shape he can imagine and, as the group's leader, is known as Mister Fantastic; Jessica Alba as Sue Storm, who is able to render herself invisible and both create and project as powerful a force field as Invisible Woman; Chris Evans as Johnny Storm, or The Human Torch, who can engulf his body in flames and take flight at will; and Michael Chiklis as Ben Grimm, whose freakish transmutation into a rock-like, super strong creature led him to be called The Thing. Julian McMahon reprises his "Fantastic Four" role as the Four's steely-eyed, iron-fisted nemesis, Dr. Doom and Kerry Washington is back as Ben's love interest, the blind sculptress Alicia Masters.
Rated PG for sequences of action violence, some mild language and innuendo.
Box Office: Opening weekend: $58.05 mil. (3959 theaters) | Domestic Total: $131.92 mil.No. 1 Movie at the Box Office
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