Kathy T

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Sometimes the best things begin with the worst intentions.
Release Date: to be announced

Production Companies:
Cinema Concepts

Status: Awaiting Release Date

This film is Also Known As:
"Kathy t gives good hoover"

Trent Gill, Mary Elise, Greg Cipes, Scotty Mullen, Cynthia Evans, Tristan Towne, Marla Leigh Malcolm, Jayson Frederick, Monty Trammel, Tim Stoltenberg, Jonathan Green, Richard Peterson, Tony Vaughn, Juliana Redding, Daniel Pettrow

Director: Evan Lieberman

Screenwriter: Evan Lieberman

Genre: Comedy, Teen
About the film:
In the harsh light of a college media center is a line of graffiti that will change the life of a young college student.
Meet Alex, a quirky musician/songwriter, poli-sci-literature student and virgin. He is talented but not passionate about anything; a man far from the spotlight. His lack-luster love life is magnified by his obsessively sexual roommate, which pushes Alex on a quest he normally would never entertain.

There... written on the media center study carrel is "Kathy T Gives Good Hoover" and from this moment he is haunted by the subject of the graffiti. Driven to some clever detective work, Alex finds himself on the trail of the infamous Kathy T, who in reality has a bigger secret to keep.

Alex discovers Kathy Tarver who by day is part of the wealthy, uptight and snobbish Sorority culture, but at night disappears into the alternative grungy world of rock 'n' roll nightclubs. Two lives... two sets of friends... both of which would never stand for the other.

Alex is on a mission and in no time falls into Kathy T's mysterious world with a new set of friends, music gigs and an end to the mediocrity he once knew.

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Richard Peterson – Atlanta
December 19, 2010 - 11:57
Subject: Contacting The Director Evan Lieberman

I played the character "Prickle" in Kathy T. Does anyone have a way of contacting Evan Lieberman?