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Rated PG: Parental Guidance Suggested (Some Material May Not Be Suitable for Children) -- Rated PG for rude and suggestive content, innuendo and language.

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Release Date: to be announced

Previously Announced Release Dates:
Summer 2004
November 17, 2006
Spring 2007
November 16, 2007
April 11, 2008

Production Companies:
Threshold Animation Studios, Lions Gate Family Entertainment

Status: Awaiting Release Date

Feat. Voices of:
Hilary Duff, Haylie Duff, Charlie Sheen, Eva Longoria, Wayne Brady, Chris Kattan, Christopher Lloyd

Director: Lawrence Kasanoff

Screenwriter: Brent Friedman, Rebecca Swanson, Sean Derek

Genre: Comedy, Animated
About the film:
FOODFIGHT! takes place in the supermarket at night when the lights go out and all the people leave. Then, magically, the grocery store transforms into a city: the boxes become buildings, the aisles turn into streets. The Chinese food aisle looks like China Town, the Italian food aisle looks like Venice, and so on.

Then out from every door of this 'marketropolis' comes two types of characters: ones you already know - some of the most famous characters in the world, like Mr. Clean, Charlie the Tuna, Mrs. Butterworth and more; and ones you are going to meet, and the actual stars of the movie. These include Dex Dogtective (Charlie Sheen), the super sleuth and head of the USDA (United Supermarket Defense Association); Daredevil Dan (Wayne Brady), the world's worst flying squirrel stuntman; the sweet and lovable Sunshine Goodness (Hilary Duff); and the villainess and seductive Lady X (Eva Longoria). They all hang out at the Copa-Banana, the hottest nightclub in town (in the produce section of course). However, all's well until Brand X moves into town, and its evil LADY X and her minions try to take over.

The only way to stop them is...yes A FOODFIGHT!

In this tale of what happens when good food...goes bad, we follow the epic adventures of the new super(market) heroes Dex Dogtective and Daredevil Dan. Join them and others as they wage battle against the evil Brand X for control of the store and perhaps, the world!

FOODFIGHT! is the first full-length digitally animated feature film from Threshold Animation Studios ("Threshold"). Through a revolutionary technology alliance with the IBM corporation, Threshold used new technology to create a what we believe is a unique looking movie that is epic in scale, featuring thousands of characters battling for supermarket supremacy, in the biggest food fight ever put on film.

You better duck when they launch the cream pies!
Rated PG for rude and suggestive content, innuendo and language.

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