The Kaiser's Last Kiss

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Release Date: to be announced

Status: Pre-production

Lily James, Christopher Plummer

Director: David Leveaux

Genre: Thriller, Spies, Period, War
About the film:
Set in the early years of World War II, in the aftermath of the Nazi invasion of the Netherlands in 1940, where former monarch Kaiser Wilhelm is living in exile since 1917. In an effort to thwart the Nazis, the Dutch resistance work covertly with Winston Churchill to insert an agent into the Kaiser's household. A lethally dangerous love affair ignites between a German officer and a young Jewish Dutch woman with devastating consequences as the Nazis race to identify and eliminate the agent behind the potentially disastrous defection of their former Emperor to England.

Project Timeline:
May 11, 2015: Project announced. Director: David Leveaux, Cast: Lily James, Christopher Plummer

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