That's What I'm Talking About

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Release Date: to be announced

Production Companies:
Annapurna Pictures

Status: Pre-production

Blake Jenner, Ryan Guzman, Tyler Hoechlin, Wyatt Russell, Ryan Guzman, Zoey Deutch, Will Brittain, Glen Powell

Director: Richard Linklater

Screenwriter: Richard Linklater

Genre: Comedy, Drama, Sports
About the film:
Set in the 1980s, the story follows a college freshman who moves into a fraternity-like baseball house with his hard-partying teammates.

Project Timeline:
Sep. 12, 2014: Cast: Blake Jenner, Tyler Hoechlin, Wyatt Russell (all in talks)
Sep. 16, 2014: Cast: Ryan Guzman
Sep. 29, 2014: Distributor: Paramount

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