The Intern

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Released on:
September 25, 2015  

Production Companies:
Worldview Entertainment, Scott Rudin Productions
Warner Bros

Status: In Development

Robert De Niro, Anne Hathaway

Director: Nancy Meyers

Screenwriter: Nancy Meyers
Script: Original

Genre: Comedy
About the film:
The founder of a successful e-business with a fashion focus is told that her company is importing seniors to be interns as a community outreach effort. She is assigned an over-70 widower who is bored with retirement from a middle management career. What starts initially as a clash between old world and new world business values grows into something more as the intern becomes a mentor to the young entrepreneur.

Project Timeline:
Apr. 13, 2012: Project announced. Director: Nancy Meyers, Writer: Nancy Meyers, Cast: Tina Fey, Distributor: Paramount
Nov. 7, 2013: Cast: Reese Witherspoon (replacing Tina Fey), Robert De Niro
Nov. 20, 2013: Distributor: Warner Bros
Feb. 25, 2014: Release Date: September 25, 2015

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