Pontius Pilate

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Release Date: to be announced

Production Companies:
Gran Via
Warner Bros

Status: In Development

Screenwriter: Vera Blasi

Genre: Drama, Historical, Religious
About the film:
This story follows the evolution of Lucius Pontius Pilate from the sensitive son of a Roman Knight into a ferocious soldier whose warrior exploits make him a general and puts him on a political track under the Roman Emperor Tiberius. Promised a military governorship in Egypt, Pilate is instead assigned by Tiberius to become the prefect of Judea, at a time when Jerusalem was a cauldron of religious tensions between various factions of the Jewish faith. Pilate veers from the political fast track into the express lane to hell and historical infamy.

Project Timeline:
Aug. 21, 2012: Project announced. Writer: Vera Blasi, Distributor: Warner Bros

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