In Heaven, Underground

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Released on:
November 18, 2011 (NY)

Seventh Art Releasing

Director: Britta Wauer

Screenwriter: Britta Wauer

Genre: Documentary
About the film:
IN HEAVEN, UNDERGROUND: THE WEISSENSEE JEWISH CEMETERY is an enchanting journey into history that celebrates life and the immortality of memories. North of Berlin's noisy city centre, surrounded by a jungle of trees and lush foliage, lies the peaceful and secluded 130-year-old Weissensee Jewish Cemetery, the largest Jewish cemetery still in use in Europe. Its one hundred acres hold 115,000 graves and a meticulous archive record. The cemetery has never closed, and was one of the few institutions to remain in Jewish hands during the Nazi regime. Award-winning director Britta Wauer's charming portrait creates a serene experience following a delightful array of characters from around the world: mourners, tourists, a young family residing at the cemetery, a third-generation gravedigger and an ornithologist studying rare birds of prey.
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April 29, 2012 - 03:34
Subject: jqFlnQawYp

Lucy, I too have the dog stuff' thing! There's a book by Beverly Nichols now there's a writer whose name I ralrey hear these days that despite its sentimental tone had me weeping at a description of the author returning in a dream to the garden of his youth, and hearing the approaching barks of his long-dead dog as it bounded through the woods and fields of a perfect English summer, joyful that its master had at last returned home. Yup there I go!Great piece Dave. Highgate cemetery certainly gave you a heap of inspiration. Keep em coming. Love the elegiac tone of the last verse. Is that a little tear in my eye? Mmmmm, fraid so! (Note to self: toughen up man, for Christ's sake!)