Snow White and the Huntsman: Six actors join to play the dwarfs

Wed June 22, 2011 Return to Film News

  • The actors that will play the rest of the dwarfs in "Snow White and the Huntsman" have been cast.

  • Eddie Izzard, Bob Hoskins, Toby Jones, Eddie Marsan, Steven Graham, Ray Winstone have signed on to join Ian McShane, who was announced yesterday as Ceasar, the leader of the dwarfs, all named in the script after Roman emperors.

  • Izzard will play Tiberius, the biggest and burliest of the crew, Jones a timid dwarf named Claudius, and Hoskins will play Constantine, a blind dwarf. Graham is set to play Nero, an angry-looking dwarf and Winstone will play Trajan, the twin brother of Hadrian (Marsan).

Source: Heat Vision, Heat Vision
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