An Ex To Grind: 20th Century Fox has acquired the rights
Mon April 19, 2010 Return to Film News

  • 20th Century Fox has acquired the screen rights to the novel "An Ex To Grind" by Jane Heller.

  • Cameron Diaz and Benicio Del Toro are attached to star in the romantic comedy.

  • The story centers around a star athlete who for years supports the dreams of his waitress wife. Several years later his career is cut short by injury, he has has morphed into a beer-swilling couch potato while she has become a big success in business. She plans to divorce him and is horrified to discover she will have to pay alimony to maintain the slovenly lifestyle that led her to dump him. She conspires to find him a new wife to get herself off the hook but when her replacement restores the man she fell for, the ex wants him back.

Source: Deadline
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