Hello Ghost

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Hello Ghost: Karen Croner to write

  • Karen Croner ("One True Thing") has been set to write the remake of the Korean comedy "Hello Ghost".
    Chris Columbus will direct.

    The story follows a man whose failed suicide attempt allows him to see ghosts who haunt him until he grants each of them one wish.

Hello Ghost: Christopher Columbus to direct

  • Christopher Columbus ("Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief") has been set to direct a remake of the Korean film "Hello Ghost".

  • The story centers on a young man who after trying to kill himself, he's haunted by four ghosts that won't stop haunting him until he helps each of them fulfill one wish.

  • Columbus will also produce with his 1492 partners Michael Barnathan and Mark Radcliffe.

    Wed February 23, 2011 | Source: Deadline