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Arthur: Greta Gerwig may join the cast

  • Greta Gerwig may join Russell Brand in the remake "Arthur" that Warner Bros is developing.

  • She will play the charismatic shoplifter who tempts a lovable drunk --and risking his trust fund-- to take a chance on a woman who makes him feel alive.

  • Larry Brezner will be directing and Larry Brezner, Kevin McCormick and Benderspink's Chris Bender will produce.

Arthur: Helen Mirren to co-star as the nanny

  • Helen Mirren has signed on to co-star in "Arthur", the remake of the 1981 comedy.

  • She will portray Arthur's longtime nanny, in a role modeled after the John Gielgud part in the original, in which he played Arthur's butler, to whom Arthur turned for advice after his family threatens to cut off his inheritance unless he marries a woman he doesn't love.

    Thu April 22, 2010 | Source: Variety