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It's only a matter of time. Rated PG: Parental Guidance Suggested (Some Material May Not Be Suitable for Children) -- Rated PG for thematic material, images of destruction and incidental smoking.
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Released on:
July 23, 2010 (limited)

Production Companies:
Lawrence Bender Productions, Participant Media
Magnolia Pictures

Status: Released

Director: Lucy Walker

Genre: Documentary
About the film:
The film traces the history of the atomic bomb from its origins to the present state of global affairs: nine nations possess nuclear weapons capabilities with others racing to join them, with the world held in a delicate balance that could be shattered by an act of terrorism, failed diplomacy, or a simple accident. Written and directed by acclaimed documentarian Lucy Walker (Devil's Playground, Blindsight), the film features an array of important international statesmen, including Jimmy Carter, Mikhail Gorbachev, Pervez Musharraf and Tony Blair. Countdown to Zero makes a compelling case for worldwide nuclear disarmament, an issue more topical than ever with the Obama administration working to revive this goal today.
Rated PG for thematic material, images of destruction and incidental smoking.
Box Office: Opening weekend: $41,307 (3 theaters) | Domestic Total: $272,040
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