Movie information

Do ask. Do tell.
Released on:
May 8, 2009 (limited)

Production Companies:
Chain Camera Pictures, Red Envelope Entertainment, The Sundance Institute
Magnolia Pictures

Status: Released

Director: Kirby Dick

Screenwriter: Kirby Dick

Genre: Documentary
About the film:
Academy Award nominated filmmaker Kirby Dick (This Film Is Not Yet Rated) delivers a searing indictment of the hypocrisy of closeted politicians who actively campaign against the LGBT community they covertly belong to. OUTRAGE boldly reveals the hidden lives of some of our nation's most powerful policymakers, details the harm they've inflicted on millions of Americans, and examines the media's complicity in keeping their secrets.
Box Office: Opening weekend: $32,589 (5 theaters) | Domestic Total: $287,198
Reviews: Fresh or Rotten? See reviews for this film at RottenTomatoes.com

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